Adventures in LlamaSite: Accessibility

A screenshot of the cover of the WCAG 2.1 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
Visit for the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.
Asterisk and I attended Cactusforce 2022 in our matching sweaters.

Plan for accessibility.

Like any good strategist, a good plan goes a long way toward success.

Leverage free tools.

This was one of the biggest helps that Asterisk gave me in our 1:1 in Phoenix. When you can “see” what, for example, a vision impaired user might “see”, it will completely change the way you look at design. The American Foundation for the Blind provides a comprehensive list of screen readers. My favorite new tool is a Chrome extension from WAVE. It’s free; it’s easy to use; and it will surface challenges you never imagined.

Screenshot of how WAVE surfaces accessibility information for designers.

Reference the documentation.

The WCAG documentation is available for anyone to read and understand. The documentation continues to evolve and the working draft of WCAG 3.0 is available as well. Asterisk recommend the quick reference guide as a good direct tool for meeting guidelines. You will see in the guide why the acronym P O U R is so important!



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Melissa Hill Dees

Melissa Hill Dees

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