Adventures in LlamaSite: How to handle proof of vaccination

Melissa Hill Dees
3 min readJan 4, 2022

Is your organization requiring proof of vaccination for COVID? If not, you have probably had to share your vaccination record somewhere. The rules change so quickly; you may have seen that the CDC just announced a 5-day quarantine for asymptomatic COVID positive people rather than the 10-day quarantine. How can you keep folks safe AND keep up with the rapidly changing landscape?

This week’s adventure in LlamaSite came from a HandsOn Connect volunteer engagement customer. I had an email that said they needed the “ability to add an object to indicate volunteer vaccination status”. After confirming their goal, here is what we decided to do.

On the Salesforce side, all that is needed is a new field on the Contact record. Create a checkbox field that is called Current Vaccination Documentation in the Contact object.

From the LlamaSite or, in this case the volunteer portal for HandsOn Connect, let’s set up the volunteer interface in the registration workflow.

In the CMS Admin menu bar, go to Addons > Advanced Registration > Volunteer Registration > Add Workflow.

Create a new page. Title it something like Vaccine Documentation or something you will recognize. Add a form block to the page.

Create the form by adding a checkbox field to the page and mapping it to the field we created on the Contact object in Salesforce. Save the field. Save the form. Save the page.

Add the branch logic so that after a registrant fills in their info, they are asked to fill in the vaccine information. Make sure the workflow is checked Active. Save.

Here’s a quick video of what it looks like.


Want to capture the actual documentation as well? Just add a URL field to the Contact record in Salesforce. Then, in the HandsOn Connect volunteer portal or LlamaSite, add an Upload field to the Vaccine form. Map the upload field to the URL field you just created on the Contact record. And you can add more description or information on why and how you are capturing this information. See the gif below.

Great! Now everyone who registers for an account will be asked to submit their vaccination documentation. And, the information is stored securely in Salesforce where your program directors can verify that the documentation is truly a vaccine record. Feel free to visit (a HandsOn Connect demo organization) and see how it feels from the user experience.

But what about those folks who have already registered and created accounts? Do you want to request their vaccination documentation, too? The functionality exists to ask folks who have not submitted vaccination documentation to do so when they log in. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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