Adventures in LlamaSite: More vaccination help

Step 1:

Step 2:

  1. Sync the data with Salesforce.
  2. Require login (since this is part of the login flow).
  3. Update the record (since the human already has a Contact record in Salesforce).
  4. (Optional) Populate the fields from Salesforce if you have picklist values or fields that you want to show that are already in Salesforce.
Top of the new form.
  1. Add a checkbox field and map it to the vaccination checkbox in the Salesforce Contact record.
  2. Add a file upload field. There are two options for how you handle the file itself: a. map it to a URL field you created in the Contact record; OR, b. save it to Salesforce as a file and a related record to the Contact record. In this demo, we chose option b. (See below.)
Adding the checkbox field and the file upload field.

Step 3:

Sample branch logic for login workflow.
Lola, the LlamaSite masked mascot!
  1. Do you want to capture the last date of vaccination? This could come in handy the next time the CDC changes the guidelines. Add a date field to the Contact record and to the form.
  2. As I mentioned in the earlier post, you may want to include some description/explanatory information so that your constituents are comfortable sharing this data. It is housed securely in Salesforce so you or your Salesforce admin can set the permissions on who sees what.




Founding Partner @handsonconnect @llamasite #SalesforceMVP Champion of #domoregood #WiT #EqualityForAll 6X @salesforce certified. #DFSpeaker #SFDOSprinter

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Melissa Hill Dees

Melissa Hill Dees

Founding Partner @handsonconnect @llamasite #SalesforceMVP Champion of #domoregood #WiT #EqualityForAll 6X @salesforce certified. #DFSpeaker #SFDOSprinter

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