Adventures in LlamaSite: More vaccination help

In the quick adventure, How to Handle Proof of Vaccination, I outlined how you can leverage LlamaSite and Salesforce to gather vaccination information for event attendees, volunteers, and other groups of humans as they register. But, what if those folks are already registered users in your LlamaSite portal? They are not stepping through the registration process that requests their vaccination credentials because they simply log in. How do we consistently and simply capture their vaccine documentation?

One of my pet peeves for user design is being asked questions that I have already answered. For example, certification maintenance on Trailhead is always very good to remind me that I need to do the maintenance on the certifications I have. However, once I’ve done the maintenance, I continue to receive reminders that the maintenance must be done. Maybe the maintenance I did wasn’t recorded? I always waste a few minutes going to double check and confirm that I did, indeed, do the maintenance. Don’t they know that I’ve already done the maintenance?!

With LlamaSite, you can use information in the Contact record to decide what your constituents see when they login. In other words, if they’ve already done the maintenance, they won’t be prompted again. You can create a separate Login workflow that does not follow the Registration workflow. Creating the Login workflow is as simple and easy as creating the Registration workflow. And, if you’ve already created the Registration workflow for vaccine documentation, you have all the Salesforce fields and tools you need.

Step 1:

Login to your LlamaSite or HandsOn Connect volunteer site as the CMS Admin. Go to AddOns> Advanced Registration> Login> Add Workflow. Give the workflow a descriptive name like Login Vaccination Documentation. Click Create New Page.

Name the page something descriptive that you will recognize later. And, add a Form Block.

Step 2:

Create the form itself. When you create the form you want to be sure you:

  1. Sync the data with Salesforce.
  2. Require login (since this is part of the login flow).
  3. Update the record (since the human already has a Contact record in Salesforce).
  4. (Optional) Populate the fields from Salesforce if you have picklist values or fields that you want to show that are already in Salesforce.
Top of the new form.

Now follow the same steps you did to create the registration workflow.

  1. Add a checkbox field and map it to the vaccination checkbox in the Salesforce Contact record.
  2. Add a file upload field. There are two options for how you handle the file itself: a. map it to a URL field you created in the Contact record; OR, b. save it to Salesforce as a file and a related record to the Contact record. In this demo, we chose option b. (See below.)
Adding the checkbox field and the file upload field.

Save the fields. Save the form. Save the page.

Step 3:

Add the branch logic. THIS is the slick part. We can check the Contact record to see if the human has already shared their vaccine documentation. If so, they are not asked again. If not, they are asked to complete the form.

On the workflow, click Add Branch Logic.

Allow conditions and set the conditions to show the form if, in this case:

Current Vaccination (checkbox) = False

Sample branch logic for login workflow.

Confirm that the Go to: field is populated by whatever you named the page to capture the vaccine information and click Save.

Save the workflow.

Lola, the LlamaSite masked mascot!

A couple of additional thoughts you might want to consider:

  1. Do you want to capture the last date of vaccination? This could come in handy the next time the CDC changes the guidelines. Add a date field to the Contact record and to the form.
  2. As I mentioned in the earlier post, you may want to include some description/explanatory information so that your constituents are comfortable sharing this data. It is housed securely in Salesforce so you or your Salesforce admin can set the permissions on who sees what.

That’s it! You’re done. Now when anyone logs in, LlamaSite will check to see if the contact already has the vaccine information in their contact record. If no, a prompt will ask for it. If yes, LlamaSite won’t miss a beat.



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