Three, Free, 5-Minute Ways to Increase your Nonprofit Impact!

Melissa Hill Dees
3 min readJul 29, 2020

“Back in the day” when we still presented in person in various and sundry parts of the world, I had the opportunity to share with nonprofits at Texas Dreamin’ how they could leverage the power of Salesforce’s AI, aka Einstein, to increase their productivity and their impact. After my presentation, I talked to the team from a local animal shelter who did not attend the presentation; “we’re not ready for Einstein!”, they said. They thought they were not ready because of misconceptions around funding and expertise. Here are three free and simple ways nonprofits can leverage Einstein.

Einstein Search
  1. Einstein Search: If you have not implemented this for your team, do it today. It takes five minutes, even if you are a brand new admin! If you have not gotten the popup to remind you when you click in the Search bar, you can go to Setup/Einstein Search/Enable Einstein Search and turn on the personalization. There are detailed instructions in Step 2 to turn on natural language search and enhanced instant results. The important metric here is how much time your team will save looking for information in the vast data stores you have in Salesforce.
  2. News: An oldie (now) but a goodie that your development/fundraising team will love is the News feature. Again this is a five minute investment of your admin’s time activating the feature and dropping it in a page layout. “What is News?”, you ask. News gives “instant access to relevant, timely news about customers, partners, competitors, and industries” and includes articles from the past 30 days from reputable, English-language news sources. News leverages Einstein to surface articles that are specific to your most recent accounts/organizations and/or contacts/donors. What a great resource for a reason to reach out to build relationships.
  3. Einstein Prediction Builder: This may be the most magical and my personal favorite. Everyone gets a one free shot to leverage Einstein Prediction Builder so don’t throw away your shot! Nonprofits collect massive amounts of data. What do you do with it? Einstein Prediction Builder is finally a way to make that data actionable. To get your creative juices flowing, do the project on Trailhead. Then, let me know what one prediction you could implement that would increase your nonprofit’s impact! And, yes, there are prizes involved.
Celebrate resilience and innovation!

Especially during the “time of COVID”, smart nonprofits that are resilient and innovative need to leverage every advantage they have. Einstein can be one of your biggest philanthropists! Join the Decatur Nonprofit Virtual Social Hour and share your ideas (sign up here) or your local Trailblazer Community.

Melissa Hill Dees

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